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Situated in the Werra Valley between the Thuringian Forest and the Rhön mountains, Meiningen offers an abundance of opportunities for active relaxation. Surrounding the city you will find about 280 kilometres of signposted hiking trails and those who climb the Meiningen landmark mountain Dolmar (739m), are rewarded with outstanding views. The Thuringian Forest is located about 25 kilometres north of Meiningen. Germany’s most renowned hiking trail, the Rennsteig (169 km), is to be found there. In winter, this trail is transformed into the world’s longest continuous cross country ski course.

Regional Hiking Trails

The Meiningen Circuit The Meiningen Circuit | 13,5 km

This premium hiking trail ‘Der Meininger’ leads through a diverse countryside and offers beautiful views of the town. Keeping close to Meiningen’s outskirts, the trail includes picturesque wooded sections as well as several fantastic viewpoints. This attractive short walk is easyly done in 3-4 hours and leaves enough time and energy for a subsequent look around town.

Start: Arched bridge behind Elisabethenburg Castle

Brahms Circuit Brahms Circuit | 2,4 km

Short loop from Elisabethenburg Castle via Herrenberg hill to the Diezhäuschen viewpoint and back to the castle. Composer Johannes Brahms used to walk here regularly during his stays in Meiningen.

Start: Arched bridge behind Elisabethenburg Castle

Schiller Schiller trail | 10,5 km (one way)

The young poet Friedrich Schiller (LINK) used to walk from Bauerbach to Meiningen during his time of exile to get paper, ink and books from the ducal library. Today you can walk on his traces along the river Werra, through valleys and beech grove to the little village of Bauerbach where Schiller lived from December 1782 until July 1783. His hideout in the farmhouse of the Wolzogen family, today the Schiller museum, can be visited and the tavern ‘Zum braunen Roß’ offers refreshing drinks and good, hearty meals.

Start: Arched bridge behind Elisabethenburg Castle