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Goetz Cave

An exciting adventure awaits you in walking distance from Meiningen’s town centre. Take part in this informative and entertaining guided tour through the hidden mysteries deep in the Dietrichsberg hill!

Right at the premium hiking trail ‘Der Meininger’ you find Europe’s largest accessible fissure and crevice cave – the Goetz Cave. A guided cave tour takes you across nine stairs (all equipped with handrails) and three levels into the impressive labyrinth of up to 50 metre high chasms. On the 480 metres route you will overcome a 33 metre height difference and get an impression of the geological processes that led to the creation of the fissures in the rock. The cave is well-lit but there are a few narrow passages. A shorter tour at ground level invites the older and handicapped visitors to take part in this adventure. The plateau in front of the cave offers a stunning panoramic view across Meiningen.

guided tours only by  prior arrangement booking: +49 172 3606135