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Getting around & Parking

Public transport

The train station is located in about 10 minutes walking distance from the city centre. Right next to the station you find a taxi stop and the local bus terminal. Buses run through the city centre and suburbs as well as into neighbouring communities. Timetables are available on the homepage of the ‘MBB - Meininger Busbetriebe’.

Car parking

It is easy and convenient to park your car in the Meiningen city centre. You can either use the parking garage (Zentrum Ost) or one of the other car parks marked on the map ‘parking in Meiningen’. In the city centre you will find about 370 designated short term parking spaces. The parking fee is 0,50 Euro for every ½ hour, maximum of 2 hours. Free parking for the first 15 minutes.

Bus parking

  • 3x Schlossplatz (maximum of 3 hours)
  • 3x Volkshaus

Disabled parking

  • Wettiner Straße
  • Am Schlossplatz
  • An der Reithalle